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Early Ebonised 18th century Longcase by Step. Lum : Chelmsford
The square 12 inch brass dial with brass silvered chapter ring, engraved roman and arabic numerals, signed Step. Lum : Chelmsford, date aperture,

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The Clock Broker, being one of the newer internet websites for Antique clocks and Barometers, is starting out with the intention of giving quality and reliability to our customers.

Rod Clayton started his working life in the industrial North-West of England, Manchester to be precise, as a sub-contract Toolmaker. His father had been an avid collector of clocks and barometers for as long as he can remember. Becoming disgruntled with toolmaking and in need of a complete new environment, ie. new country, Australia, he followed his interests in collecting. He began in the early 1970's, repairing and restoring for the local antique trade in Melbourne on a part time basis. By the mid 1970's, this became full time and has been so ever since. Rod still continues in this field giving reliable and quality work to the antique trade in Melbourne. His elder son Scott, having an electronics trade and IT background, joined him, thus bringing modern technology together with the old and the new.

They now continue restoring and repairing antique clocks and barometers, also offering a full restoration service to customers own pieces including French Polishing, metal polishing, Bracket clock Verge conversions, wheel and pinion cutting, dial restoration/re-silvering, glass replacement and more.

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